Directory of Culinary Tours in Spain

A directory of culinary tours in Spain. Take a tapas walking tour led by a local expert. Learn to cook Paella while on vacation in Spain. Or make your whole vacation a culinary adventure.

Culinary Vacations – Multi Day

Food Lover’s Pilgrimage Santiago de Compostela

  • Location – Bilbao to Santiago de Compostela
  • Type – Hiking and trecking tour
  • Length – 15 days
  • Price – From $5090

Onely Planet Food-Lovers-Spain-125383-5

This unique approach to a classic pilgrimage route combines a passion for good food and produce, with the incredible history of the trail crossing northern Spain. With fully supported day walks on the best sections of the pilgrimage trail paths, including the original route from Oviedo, the essence of the pilgrimage is retained. The walking is combined with cooking demonstrations and numerous samplings of the local cuisine from the heart of Spanish modern cuisine in the Basque region to the small rural villages on the Camino, as the pilgrimage is commonly called. In the company of a local gastronomic expert, there will be many insights into the local culinary scene, with a dinner experience in a Michelin Star restaurant.

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Real Food Adventure Barcelona to San Sebastian.

  • Location – Barcelona to San Sebastian
  • Type – Culinary Vacation
  • Length – 8 days
  • Price – $2500

Spain Real Food Tour Intrepid

Visit Spain and take a culinary journey through Barcelona, Logrono and San Sebastian

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 a taste of spain logo

A Taste of Spain

  • Location – Basque, Catalonia, Andalucia, Galicia, La Mancha
  • Type – Culinary Vacation
  • Length – 5 Days
  • Price – Avg $1900

a taste of spain Iberico secret panoramica  A taste of spain Iberico secret Ham tour A Taste of Spain rioja wine road Tour 5 days


A Taste of Spain packages multi-day culinary adventures in Spain’s most culturally rich cities. Travel to the land of famous Ibérico ham; taste the season’s first Olive Oils in Andalusia; visit amazing food markets in Catalonia; cook at a Gastronomic Society in the Basque Country; savor the best ever Seafood in Galicia; experience Tapas like the locals do; learn about Spain’s greatest wines like Rioja or Sherry; enjoy a culinary treat while in Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian or Seville… or, simply, let us design your customized dream culinary trip to Spain.


Gourmet on Tour – Basque Cooking Vacation

  • Location – San Sebastian
  • Type – Private Intensive Cooking and Wine Vacation
  • Length – 3-7 Days
  • Price – Around $2000

gourmet on tour Tour-Spain-San-Sebastian-Gallery-7-300x199

Learn the secrets of world-renown Basque cooking

Go behind the scenes of a 3* Michelin restaurant before dinner

Eat your way through San Sebastian on a tapas tour

Visit the exquisite Guggenheim museum by Frank Gehry

Marvel at the state of the art and family owned vineyards of the Rioja

Participate an exclusive cooking class in a private Gastronomic Society, accessible only for members

Explore quaint fishing villages and enjoy freshest seafood


Single or Half Day Food Tours



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A Taste of Spain-Tapas Tours

  • Location – Barcelona, Madrid, San Sebastian, Seville, Granada and Palma de Mallorca
  • Type – Tapas Tours
  • Length -2-3 Hours
  • Price – Avg $100

a taste of spain Tapas Sessions

Tapas play a central role in Spain’s gastronomic scene. Much like Spanish traditional cooking, Tapas vary between regions, reflecting not only differences in ingredients and preparations, but also different lifestyles.


Combine an unforgettable visit to the world famous Boqueria market in Barcelona and cook a traditional four-course menu, guided by an experienced local chef.



Are you an enthusiast of the new creative cuisine? Be prepared to unveil the secrets of avant-garde Basque cuisine.

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A Taste of Spain- Gourmet Tastings

  • Location – Barcelona, Seville, Madrid
  • Type – Specialty Gourmet Tastings
  • Length -1 Hour
  • Price – Avg $100

a taste of spain Olive Oil tasting Madrid

Olive oil in Barcelona

Olive oil in Seville

Cheese in Madrid

Ibérico Ham in Madrid

Why not take some time out from your regular vacation activities to add some very special gastronomic enjoyment? Treat yourself to the amazing discoveries that Spanish gourmet delicacies have to offer




This is a 5-day cooking holiday where you will stay in a typical Majorcan finca in Galilea, the highest village in Majorca, only 18 kilometers away from the hustle-and-bustle of Palma and with phenomenal views of the sea. During your stay, you will visit markets, wineries, and learn to cook Spanish dishes. Foodie&Tours recommends this tour to foodies looking for a fully immersed culinary vacation in Majorca.


The Priorat hills are remote and rocky, but here is the birthplace of intense reds that many wine collectors consider to be of the most elite Spanish wines. Now you have the opportunity to venture in and get to know the Priorat wine region deep in Catalunya. Foodie&Tours invites serious foodies and wine lovers to taste Priorat wine and local Catalan Cuisine.


Tapas, the quintessential Spanish cuisine is more than just food, it is a way of life. The serving of tapas is designed to encourage conversation, so as people are not so focused on eating an entire meal that is set upon them. Sociable and appetizing, tapas is an excellent reflection of the Spanish people and their tradition.



Tapas, the quintessential Spanish cuisine is more than just food, it is a way of life. The serving of tapas is designed to encourage conversation, so as people are not so focused on eating an entire meal that is set upon them. Sociable and appetizing, tapas is an excellent reflection of the Spanish people and their tradition.


Savour a fabulous blend of dishes shaped over centuries by people from all over Spain and beyond. Your local guide will tell you the story of the people and cultures that’ve shaped this city’s food scene by taking you to a mix of classic Madrid eating establishments as well as tucked-away family-run gems where you’ll learn about – and eat plenty of! – the capital’s fabulous food. You’ll meet the creators behind many of the dishes (whether it’s a world-champion ham slicer or a fourth generation tavern owner) and discover their part in this city’s fascinating food story.



Cooking Schools

Espai Boisà Cooking School

  • Location – Barcelona
  • Type – Cooking School
  • Length -2.5 to 4 hours
  • Price – $40-60 Varies on Class

Espai Cooking School

Espai Boisà is the first “cooking school-restaurant” in Barcelona, designed to create a homey environment for all your experiences. We promote Catalan culture and gastronomy using organic, seasonal ingredients, sourced by local producers and wineries in rural Barcelona. We believe in sustainability and we would like to share our philosophy with you.

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Taller Andaluz de Cocina

  • Location – Seville
  • Type – Cooking classes, Tapas classes, market tour
  • Length – 3 hours
  • Price – Avg $50

Taller Andaluz de Cocina seville

Do something different in your visit to Seville. Learn how to cook local classic dishes with professionally trained chefs… and eat what you cook in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Cooking Ole – One day Cooking School

  • Location – Seville
  • Type – Cooking School
  • Length -3-4 hours
  • Price – Avg $40

Cooking Ole

Now days, more and more people are learning that Spain is one of favorite´s culinary destination around the world. We offer you the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience, which will give you a taste of Spanish culture and cuisine, Andalucian Style!

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A Punto Cooking and Tasting School

  • Location – Madrid
  • Type – Beginner to Advanced Cooking School
  • Length – 3 Hours
  • Price – $40-80

apunto cooking class

At A Punto we count on the experience of some of the most known chefs of Madrid for a typical Spanish cooking class. We can start with a market tour to discover all our products and then come back to A Punto to cook them all together. Website is in Spanish sooooo.

Wow! though it looks really advanced for chefs.

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a taste of spain logo

A Taste of Spain Cooking Classes

  • Location – Various Locations
  • Type -Cooking School
  • Length – 5 Hours
  • Price – $100-150

a taste of spain Cooking-Class-Barcelona-2

A Taste of Spain curates a variety of cooking classes in the most cultured cities in Spain. Choose the style of cooking you want to explore between traditional, Avant Garde, and even vegan!

• Cooking class in Barcelona includes visit to La Boqueria food market. Also available with Avant Garde focus
• Cooking class in Madrid at a private professional kitchen. Also available with Avant Garde or Vegan focus
• Cooking class in San Sebastian at a private Gastronomic Society
• Cooking class in Seville includes visit to a local food market
• Cooking class in Valencia learn to cook an authentic Paella
• Cooking class in Marbella enjoy cooking by the sea
• Cooking class in Cádiz at a wonderful rustic kitchen in a country home
• Cooking class in Costa Brava taste the flavors of Catalonia

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